Thursday, 15 September 2011

A simple bluetooth setup

I set up bluetooth on my Thinkpad Edge 11 this way:

# pacman -S bluez
# pacman -S blueman

I edited my .xinitrc to start blueman-applet when X starts:

blueman-applet &
exec ck-launch-session wmfs

The tricky part is to be sure that you run your window manager (my one is wmfs) with exec ck-launch-session. If you simply use exec <yourwindowmanager> then the blueman-applet will not work! It will give you ugly exception error messages like this:

Exception AttributeError

I suffered some hours to get this done but now everything works fine.

I start bluetooth daemon at boot time by inserting (...dbus...@bluetooth...) in the DAEMONS array of my /etc/rc.conf.

and the blueman-applet icon appears in my systray immediately after starting X, I only need to click on it and manage my bluetooth connection in a nicely built GUI. The bluetooth state (on/off) will be preserved for the next boot, so I do not need to worry about unintentional battery drainage because bluetooth switched itself on at boot time (unless I left my antenna switched on when I stopped my machine).

WARNING: blueman needs some packages that are marked as only optional to work properly. See my post about undocumented dependencies.


  1. Thanks for the post, but your very last link doesn't work. I get a blank page with the message:
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    Click here to logout and change accounts."

  2. Oops! Thank you, I corrected the link.