Friday, 30 September 2011

Undocumented dependencies

Recently I decided to clean up my laptop so I reviewed my installed packages and removed quite a nice amount of those that I thougt I do not need any more. After rebooting my system I realised that some programs stopped working. There are some dependencies that are marked as optional or even not marked at all but still if you do not install them your application will not work properly (or at all). I have to admit these problems were very rare and after some time I could resolve the problem. In this post I am collecting such not very well documented dependencies. If I find more I will update the entries below.

Blueman needs gconf, gnome-icon-theme and libnotify to work properly! Unless you will not have an applet in your systray and/or you cannot connect to any device via bluetooth.

Wicd client needs xfce4-notifyd, other notification daemons (i.e Gnome's notification-daemon) do not work with it.

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