Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Blueman applet with missing status icon

After upgrading the blueman package to version 1.23.1 the bluetooth icon in my systray showed a "no icon" graphics:

The Statusicon section under the plugins settings can be configured in this new version of blueman. The default setting is "blueman-tray". I tried to simply modify it to "blueman", the form marks it as an acceptable attribute but it did not change anything, the icon is still not there.

I downgraded to the former (1.21) version from my pacman cache:

pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/blueman-1.21-7-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

and my status again appears nicely:

I hope to see a bugfix soon!


  1. I got this problem, too. At the moment I try to analyze it and have come to the point, where blueman tries to get access to index.theme files As it doesn't find them it uses the 'icon-missing'. What I shall try is to generate an index.theme and find out what will happen ;-) .


  2. The bug is reported at

    While I wait for the fix I use version 1.21 and placed a line to my /etc/pacman.conf to ignore the blueman package on upgrades:

    IgnorePkg = blueman

  3. This week Blueman 1.23-1 appeared and then today 1.23-2 is also out! After any of these latest upgrades I have a status icon but I see two issues that makes the bluetooth indicator even worse than before:

    1. Although the status indicator is there (a nice blue icon as before) it is always the same, it does not show if BT is active or inactive.

    2. The bluetooth setting does not save its state: swithching BT off and rebooting my machine results an active BT again. I can do anything, the next reboot will switch BT on.

    So now, after the upgrade I cannot see the current BT status, neither can I be sure if my BT antenna remains switched off if I leave it like that, leading to a serious battery drainage in the background.

    Wierd! Or do I make something wrong? I go back to 1.21 again...

  4. A workaround for half of the problems:
    under /etc/bluetooth/main.conf I changed these parameters:
    InitiallyPowered = false
    RememberPowered = false

    After this my computer always starts with BT disabled. This is acceptable for me because I rarely use bluetooth and in those cases I switch it on manually under blueman's menu.

    Unfortunately my blueman icon still does not show the state, it is always the same blue BT icon. But I recognised that the tooltip shows the actual state.

  5. plugins/applet/ needs to say "blueman" not "blueman-tray". there is no such icon as blueman-tray installed with 1.23. there's another instance of "blueman-tray" in the code but it's just a default for the custom icon setting and seems to be irrelevant.

  6. Tank you Leho!

    I already have "blueman" in the code and since 1.23 the icon appears in the system tray nicely but it does not show the actual BT state: the icon at version 1.21 used to show a red cross on it when the BT was turned off. Now it is always the same blue icon. It is not a big deal but i liked this feature before as I could always see if I left my BT antenna turned on by accident.